This wiki provides detailed information about OpenSDMX and its SDMX interpretation.

OpenSDMX communication channels

OpenSDMX has three websites, SourceForge, this wiki and the developers wiki.

The information flows in these sites is organized in the below roles and actions.

This wiki is the place to learn more about OpenSDMX. The Statistical Expert represents any person who is interested in open source software components for SDMX. The Statistical Expert may not integrate the OpenSDMX components, but might consult a Java expert (OpenSDMX user).

The OpenSDMX adapter developer is a person who wants to set up a OpenSDMX instance for publishing data in SDMX format. This requires the development of an adapter in order to facilitate the integration with data.

Having a question can raise a question in the SourceForge Discussion Forum, or find information on OpenSDMX.

The OpenSDMX user represents anyone who uses OpenSDMX software at library or application level.

The OpenSDMX committer is a software developer who works on the OpenSDMX software stack. This role is also interesting for people who are interested in activities of the OpenSDMX development community.