Download categories
Shows a list of the different OpenSDMX artifacts.

The links in this table will open a folder with the different versions. You can drill down to the latest version. Files do have the jar or war extension.
Download OpenSDMX core
Core is the most important artifact and has the following components:
  • Configuration model
  • Interfaces
  • REST controller
  • Generators
Download OpenSDMX domain 20
Java representation of SDMX 2.0.
Download OpenSDMX domain 21
Java representation of SDMX 2.1 draft.
Download OpenSDMX web
Example of a OpenSDMX webapplication which can be deployed in a web application server like Tomcat.
Download example adapter
OpenSDMX FishstatJ adapter. It is better to download this from SVN.

The source code itself can be found in Subversion (SVN):

OpenSDMX is by itself fully organised with Maven. You can add this entry to your pom.xml file in order to integrate the stable OpenSDMX artifacts in your application:

Snapshot versions can be integrated with this entry